Thursday, 27 December 2012

Kulich - and other festive breads

What do you want to cheer up a UK Christmas?

A Russian Easter bread of course!

Also a Jewish Sabbath bread

...and some Italian summer biscotti: 

You just might get the idea that I love borrowing from other cultures. Our festive traditions are snowballing! The Kulich nearly got eaten before I remembered to photograph it. It did not have a dramatic rise but was went down a bomb.  It's a lot like panetonne with the fruit and nut mixture soaked in the alcoholic beverage of your choice.  All three recipes are rather higher fat than our daily loaf  having more fat/eggs/sugar than our daily fare. They each taste delicious.

Have a peaceful 2013, wherever you are!


  1. A German stollen has become traditional in our household

  2. The Kulich looks very cakey and delicious

  3. I agree with Sue on the Kulich. Did it taste more on the cake than bread side??

    I love the look of the biscotti...lots of fun!!

    1. Yes it did. Maybe that was something to do with the sugar, milk, eggs and butter!!! (although it is yeasted).

  4. You may well have already done it at some point, but I baked Povitica last year for a blog challenge, and it was amazing - again a proper yeasted dough, but rolled and swirled with fruit and nut filling, so fairly well on the way to being a cake too. It looks really impressive when you slice it - even despite my sub standard bread making skills!

    1. Thanks Ruth, and no I've never made it. Your post is fantastic.

      To date I've tended to avoid sweet doughs, but now I've crossed that line who knows? Paskha, Pannetone, Schiacciata di Uva, Stollen ...and Povitica. It could be some Easter ahead!

    2. I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labours - that's quite a list!