Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Cottage Garden Bed

The weather is conspiring against weekday visits to the plot, so here is a floral interlude.  This is what I call our cottage garden bed. It is all sown from seed. The lupins at the back were the first to show off

The Californian poppies are being a bit coy, but they put on a display when it is sunny...

and the cornflowers are just coming into their own at the far end.

I'm really pleased this planting has turned out so well.

There are still some surprises left as there are marigolds and Lychnis yet to flower. In the meantime the poppies are stealing the show.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Allium Alli-aha!

It was garlic lifting time on Friday.

It doesn't look so pretty until it has dried off a little.

Elephant Garlic

..and given that it was planted last October can I remember which row is what?

Thankfully I found the picture I took on the day I planted them:

But right now this is where they will be drying off*

*We've had intermittent torrential downpours this week in Edinburgh and I wish I had lifted the lot last weekend when the ground was as dry as the Sahara!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Soft Fruit - The Gloaming

Today thunderstorms arrived in Edinburgh.  Very pleased to have the allotment watered, but it has been a bit of overkill.  We've had a very dry couple of months and watering anxiety had set in.

Last night we went to the plot and picked just about the last of our soft fruit. Good timing as it turned out. 

Our one mature gooseberry bush has been coming up trumps this year

We also have solitary red and blackcurrant bushes:

We are onto our third variety of strawberry. After Marshmello, Cambridge Favourite (below) we are picking Florence. These last two failed to produce more than slug food for the last couple of wet years, but have justified their stay of execution while the Marshmello settle in.

Another good producer currently is Mange Tout, Oregon Sugar Pod:

You may have detected an absence recently. We've been on holiday where there is no internet - the Highlands:  Here's a snap from Loch Ness. It was a great evening and we stepped out from a celebratory meal at the Dores Inn to this view of the Loch. We were roaming in the gloaming:

Sunday, 21 July 2013


One result of the warm weather: The sweetcorn seems to be thriving:

I never realised how exotic their leaves are:

Mind you the onions and beans are doing well too!

And those are courgettes in front:

...lots of them!