Friday, 27 July 2018


It's that happy time of year:

Runner beans started? - Check
Courgettes in full swing? - Check
Carrots big enough to eat????   Oh Yes!

Of course I was just checking on the weed situation and congestion under the net when I realised some of the "thinnings" were a reasonable size, despite the low water provision.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Full House?

Brassicas growing away

The allotment is flush with produce despite the drought conditions. What targeted watering I have done has produced results where I want without encouraging the weeds.

Globe artichokes - Just one plant
Lush Legumes

Peas please

Blueberries starting to ripen

Coy Carrots 

Potato Patch

Riotous Raspberries - bumper crop this year.
But there are still gaps that I haven't got around to filling.  Just as well as I have a programme of summer/autumn sowing I want to follow this year.  The beauty is that the weeds have left the bare patches bare (pretty much - lets not get to carried away and forget all weeding)

Bare patch between salads and sweetcorn

Alliums looking a bit sparse after cropping autumn planted onions and garlic
It has been extraordinarily dry, but the crops seem to have persevered.  Curiously the one crop that has refused to perform is courgettes and squashes,  and this despite preferential watering!  I'm hoping the ones that have survived have time to play catchup.