Sunday, 17 February 2013

Like Starting Over

Like a lot of people, the weather brought me out for my first work session at the allotment this year.

Today's task:  plant up the 18 raspberry canes that arrived this week.  That's 6 Glen Ample, 6 Glen Moy and 6 Joan J.  I got them from Marshalls, at the second time of asking.  (It seems the first delivery disappeared into a black hole.)  I'm not expecting any fruit to speak of from them this year, so will wait until next winter before grubbing up row I have at the other end of the plot.

While I was at it I covered over a rhubarb crown with a dalek bin, so as to have a bit earlier forced crop, and I treated the autumn sown alliums to a dressing of fertilizer.  Small steps, but a great feeling to have started another year!