Saturday, 27 June 2015

Cecil says...

I may be a pest, but ain't I cute?

At least I'm not a developer. 

For news of the latest threat to Edinburgh's allotments please go to :

..and sign the petition

And for the latest from me:

Runner beans:

Scottish strawberries before Wimbledon!

Canadian Wonder Beans planted out today:

and there's the prospect of blueberries to come:

Monday, 15 June 2015

Greenhouse - At Last

I've been a bit quiet lately, and here is a large part of the reason why: I've been building this

I'm proud of my efforts but the project did soak up a lot of time and energy.

Going back a month or two, here's the starting point

Only after taking delivery of the kit did I get to grips with the need for a brick base, and then the need for foundations for that to sit on, and the requirement for rods embedded in the foundation to hold the whole thing down when next Autumns gales arrive. Here's the scene just after pouring the concrete:

As it took so long I am well behind with all my sowing and planting that was supposed to happen inside the greenhouse.  Still I am sure I will be able to fill up the allotment without any problem. 
And next year I'll be off to a flying start.

 And you've got to admit looks a lot better (and bigger) than what it replaced: