Saturday, 27 June 2015

Cecil says...

I may be a pest, but ain't I cute?

At least I'm not a developer. 

For news of the latest threat to Edinburgh's allotments please go to :

..and sign the petition

And for the latest from me:

Runner beans:

Scottish strawberries before Wimbledon!

Canadian Wonder Beans planted out today:

and there's the prospect of blueberries to come:


  1. I can never resist photographing squirrels of any colour. I hope your plot is safe.

    1. Our site has an impossible access issue (from a developers point of view) and is therefore safe.

      It is just counter intuitive to see allotments being reduced in number when there are hundreds of Edinburgh people waiting years already to get allocated a plot.

  2. I notice that your Runner Beans are protected by wire. What are you protecting them from? We have lots of squirrels here, but they do little harm in my garden. They are mostly interested in the food I pit out for the birds.

  3. The chicken wire runs all around the perimeter of the plot, and I also enclose the brassicas with it (and top it off with a plastic net to keep the pigeons off). I did deploy a bit of stray pea netting after transplanting these beans, just to ward the birds off, until they set off running by which time they will withstand anything!

    Although we have squirrels at the site this squirrel is at home . Today he has managed to prise the bottom off the peanut bird feeder and is probably sleeping it off somewhere, no doubt very pleased with himself!