Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Blueberry Thrill

This is the first year I can claim to have got a good crop from the blueberries.  Checking back it was spring 2010 when three twigs arrived in the post and were planted out. (The advert featured a picture of bushes as tall as the child standing next to them)

March 2010
All they need is an acid soil, plenty of water, feeding, sympathetic pruning, some support protection from birds, regular picking and lots of time!

July 2016

The following link is to my 2012 post describing the early years:

Blueberry History

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Gigantic Garlic

The garlic crop has been good this year:

Elephant garlic is the only one that has survived the generations.  All this came from a single clove I bought in 2011 (It cost me £1). Here's how it looked after just one year:

Second generation Elphant Garlic in middle

The elephant garlic is a big fan of the weed suppressant fabric:

When you roll it back for lifting here's what you get:

Keen to keep the benefit I am sure to roll the fabric back until the next crop (which will be potatoes next spring)

The next elephant garlic (and the rest of the alliums) will be planted through the fabric already in place for this year's sweetcorn and courgettes/marrows and pumpkins which followed on from the brassicas last year.  So I'm getting three years use out of each "carpet fitting" of WSF!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

It's All Kicking Off

No not the Premier League.  After a busy week I got to the plot today to discover everything is responding to the sunshine following the rain.

The courgettes are living up to their reputation for putting on a spurt as soon as your back is turned:

A nice surprise was the first cabbage. It's called Greyhound for a reason!

but the first red cabbage is ready too.

The Mangetout have started developing peas:

And once you have one runner bean ,,,,

One thing that had died back was the Elephant Garlic tops.  Time to dig it up for drying out.

Returning home I can report that the first tomatoes (Sungold) are ripening.