Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Gigantic Garlic

The garlic crop has been good this year:

Elephant garlic is the only one that has survived the generations.  All this came from a single clove I bought in 2011 (It cost me £1). Here's how it looked after just one year:

Second generation Elphant Garlic in middle

The elephant garlic is a big fan of the weed suppressant fabric:

When you roll it back for lifting here's what you get:

Keen to keep the benefit I am sure to roll the fabric back until the next crop (which will be potatoes next spring)

The next elephant garlic (and the rest of the alliums) will be planted through the fabric already in place for this year's sweetcorn and courgettes/marrows and pumpkins which followed on from the brassicas last year.  So I'm getting three years use out of each "carpet fitting" of WSF!


  1. All our garlic inckuding elephant was pathetic thie year.
    We move our wcf around sith appropriate crops.

  2. As you can see the elephant garlic has gone from strength to strength, although I have given up on all the other varieties. I think these have been developed in more southerly climes and are put off by Scottish weather. I have been promised some genuine "UK grown for generations" garlic to try this/next year so that should be interesting.

    Moving the fabric around seems like hard work to me. I lay it for brassicas (holes 18" apart), reuse it for curcubits not using all the holes, and then chop extra holes for alliums in year three. How many years do you reckon on a sheet lasting, Sue? Mine seems to be holding up, but is a bit tatty after the onions in particular.

    1. It isn't particularly a problen to move. We tend to have a standard size sheet that will fit different beds. By moving them we get the chance to dig over the bed and fertilise. Also weeds that have managed to push through can be removed.

      We have used some fabric for five years already and will use again next year. I think it will depend on how it is cut, That with just crosses cut in it doesn't fray as much as thr pieces that have channels cut for seed trenches

  3. Our garlic has done well this year, but we buy new each year. I love that yours are all from £1 5 years ago - brilliant!