Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Blueberry Thrill

This is the first year I can claim to have got a good crop from the blueberries.  Checking back it was spring 2010 when three twigs arrived in the post and were planted out. (The advert featured a picture of bushes as tall as the child standing next to them)

March 2010
All they need is an acid soil, plenty of water, feeding, sympathetic pruning, some support protection from birds, regular picking and lots of time!

July 2016

The following link is to my 2012 post describing the early years:

Blueberry History


  1. We have had a similar experience. A problem is that I have read very contradictory advice on how to grow them. Some say feed regularly, some say that you shouldn't feed at all. Some say water regularly, others say that you shouldn't water. It's all rather confusing and in the end I've just gone with a gut feeling.

    1. I go on the principal that in the wild they (or their forbears) grow on acid bogs, so I always water them. Also they are sitting on top of a kiddies plastic paddling pool (see pictures in link). As for feeding I'm not sure but I got some slow release "suitable for azaleas" feed last year and this year the yield is pretty good! So I'm going on the "feed once a year in winter" principle.

  2. I think the most important thing is what you described as "sympathetic pruning". Blueberries fruit primarily on the previous year's wood, so you need to ensure there is always some new growth. I water mine (they are in containers) but I don't feed them.