Saturday, 27 July 2013

Allium Alli-aha!

It was garlic lifting time on Friday.

It doesn't look so pretty until it has dried off a little.

Elephant Garlic

..and given that it was planted last October can I remember which row is what?

Thankfully I found the picture I took on the day I planted them:

But right now this is where they will be drying off*

*We've had intermittent torrential downpours this week in Edinburgh and I wish I had lifted the lot last weekend when the ground was as dry as the Sahara!


  1. I see that you have lifted onions too don't you wait for them to die down?

    1. They were pretty well dying back(there's a picture of them a week ago in my post of 21/7/13).

      The big fear I have is of white rot setting in, which has happened all too often in the past, so I ere on the side of early lifting - especially when the weather turns wet the way it has done this week. There are still autumn sown red onions as these were still sitting pretty, not to mention the planting from this spring which is still at an earlier stage.

  2. Hmmm, perhaps that's why I will keep my plastic greenhouse thing that I was planning to take to the dump (sorry, recycling centre).
    Pouring up here on Speyside today.
    I didn't plant any garlic in the autumn, having got fed up of several years' dismal harvests. Looks like this would have been a good year!

    1. Yes, they are worth their weight... in plastic!

      Don't rush back it's pouring in Edinburgh too!