Monday, 10 December 2012

A Bread a Day Week, Day Three - Cinnamon Buns

A sweet dough is a novelty for me, but the sticky dough made photography rather difficult.  So there are only  pictures of the finished product:

This is a previously untried recipe from Joe Ortiz's "The Village Baker",  a book I've had for many years, and learnt to rely on. There are still some recipes I've never tried, like this one.

My execution was not really very good but the camera is forgiving, and so were the family who scoffed the lot.

The principle is that you roll out a sweet dough, wash with an egg wash, spread with a currant, sugar and cinnamon mixture and then roll  up like a Swiss roll.  Slice into discs with a (very) sharp knife and flatten each disc with the palm of your hand before rising and then glazing with a vanilla flavoured sugar syrup. You are supposed to drizzle with a fondant icing, but this was a a step too far given my rudimentary buns.

The family verdict: "Can you make these again for Christmas, Dad?" A winner. I will... and presentationaly  I will make a better job of them too.


  1. Enjoying these bread-related posts! Got any tips on getting a sourdough starter going from scratch? Tried for the first time ever last week, flour and water just kept seperating and didn't ferment.

    1. I'd recommend using rye flour, Lee. You can then feed it with wholewheat or white flour later.

      I did a couple of posts on my old Rye Smile blog: Here's links to a couple of them:

      It's worth it!

  2. Looks wonderful...cinnamon rolls have to be one of my favourites!!