Saturday, 29 December 2012

Cinnamon Swirls - Take Two

I promised to make these again over Christmas:

I learnt from my first attempt a couple of weeks ago,  and this time went the whole hog with the fondant icing:

A real festive treat..

I think we have another annual tradition!


  1. They look very professional Mal. Are you ever out of your kitchen?

  2. I've made a bread a day for well over a year now, but only post about new or exciting ones. The swans get any excess. I find it very therapeutic. Together with growing veg it's a bit of an obsession! After the time I've spent on each I should be a lot better by now.

  3. OMG those look amazing. Gosh I wish I could bake but it's really not in the best interests of my family's health to make them eat what I can produce lol.
    Those swirls look so tasty though, wish we could smell em!


  4. These look fantastic Mal...I really do have to give them a go!