Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A Bread a Day Week, Day Five - Multigrain

Ever heard of campagrain? It's a mixture of  Flours: rye, barley, wheat, with some malt,  and Seeds: sunflower, linseed and sesame. I add poppy seeds and oatmeal too. 

The main thing is too add LOTS of seeds. A good tablespoon of each.

Mixed up the dough looks like this:

After shaping into baguettes I've taken to snipping the loaf diagonally with scissors

then pushing each section out the way in opposite directions alternately.  This increases the surface area.

and adds to the crustiness.

If you like a "nutty*" quality to your bread, you will love this.  (*Contains no nuts - only seeds)


  1. Very artistic now - is there no limit to your skills?

  2. Wow they look should start up a stall!!