Monday, 3 December 2012


No, it's a fruit cage!

Mind you achieving this particular goal has left me on a high.  The weather has been ... unfavourable, but I had to do something with my Christmas shopping days off work.

One remnant of the old rotation still clinging on in the middle of the new soft fruit area is parsnip:

They've certainly had their required frosting!

A substantial part of the soft fruit is already in the right place, but I will have to relocate or replace the raspberries.  The blueberries already have their own pool of acidic soil and their own cage so i won't be moving them.

Height, Tanya - 6ft 6 inches but the ground slopes so it's 7ft on the other side.


  1. Oh dear = don't like the look of that frost - we have a visit to Edinburgh this week.

  2. Blimey, that looks great. A job well done sir.

  3. Nice and high then Mal...wouldn't need to be anywhere near that for me to walk inside...but my son is 6ft 3 so would be happy to not have to stoop around inside to be able to pick things!!

    What are you going to cover the frame with??