Sunday, 9 December 2012

A Bread a Day Week, Day Two - 100% Rye Sourdough

There's no added yeast in this bread

Just fermented rye flour water and salt.

given 24 hours to ferment and then baked for an hour

It is a bit brick like and is best toasted. Some people love the flavour of  rye, others don't.

Following Andrew Whitley's recipe in "Bread Matters", his advice is that this forms the basis for a multitude of breads. I've tried this with rye wholegrains without much success, but a hybrid with wheat flour and a coating of nuts and seeds has been a hit.


  1. When are you opening the bakery?

  2. It's already open. Just has a very very limited clientele!

    Did you pick up any good fly swatters at the German market?

    I'll do a version of squashed flies next!

    1. No we didn't and we were a bit disappointed that there wasn't any snow for atmospheric photos. It was snowing in Newcastle and the train manager promised snow in Edinburgh.

  3. I like the taste of rye bread and this seems a nice easy one to try with the simple recipe.