Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A Bread a Day Week, Day Four - Pain de Comapagne sur Poolish

Another Joe Ortiz "Village Baker" classic recipe. 

The "poolish" is just a "porridge" starter made 24 hours before with flour water and yeast  (or in this case a sourdough starter) after which it is frothing away like this.

The dough is part white flour part wholemeal. The only other ingredient is salt.   After an initial 90 minute first  rise shaped the loaf and proved it in a banneton cane basket covered with a floured muslin and a cling wrap on top to keep the moisture in.

It's a handsome piece of kit

Another piece of kit that I used (not photographed) is a ceramic tile - sold as a pizza stone - which is pre heated in the oven.

 Neither of these bits of kit is essential. A large bowl and a baking sheet will do the job.  (But it is nice to have the real thing)

After the second rise the dough is turned out of the bowl onto the hot stone and slashed.with a sharp knife (or a razor) and baked in a really hot oven

The result is a real antidote to sliced white. The crust has a wonderfull texture and taste.  The sourdough element really makes all the difference to the loaf! And it keeps well too!

The crumb shot
This is a fantastic traditional French Country Bread.  It works a treat


  1. You really do take this bread making seriously don't you. Make a German recipe and set up a stall in the German market!

  2. Hmm, tonight I'm baking an apple and oatmeal bread. West Country or Scottish. I'll have to find something German for tomorrow!

  3. So many different breads Mal...(obviously I am reading the posts backwards trying to catch up after a long absence) Do you miss making bread when you are having to spend more time down the allotment or do you still find the time??

  4. I make bread all the year round, Tany. Have to admit that getting your hands clean enough for hand kneading can be a problem after weeding (one reason for favouring a bread machine!)