Monday, 24 April 2017

Hail, Timerous Beastie

Had a great day at the plot today planting out the first brassicas and some peas.Also did some preparatory work for this year's major crop: carrots.  At times it was sunny and at other times it was hailing. To round things off while photographing strawberry plants (sadly blackened by frost)  I realised I had company. I took about thirty pictures. As often happens in these circumstances the first one turned out to be the clearest!

Carrot netting in background - can you see the hail in the foreground?
Perhaps not surprisingly, there is a risk of frost in Edinburgh tonight so I am off to light the greenhouse paraffin heater!

Hail Hail

Mouse on the Prowl

Black Eyed Strawberries


  1. It was cold here last night too. Maybe the little mouse will find a nice warm greenhouse to shelter in with maybe a supply of food for breakfast.

  2. Love the mouse. We had frost down here in somerset which is a pain given hat the sunflowers have out grown their pot in the greenhouse

  3. You already have flowers on your strawberries. I would have thought not yet...and the adorable little mouse. They do valuable work so you are lucky. It is lovely to compare our climates as here in New Scotland, I see no sign of strawberry blooms yet!

    1. Yes I find it fascinating. I get the impression you have everything crammed into a shorter hotter growing season and then a colder winter than us. The strawberries were very foolish to flower so soon - that's why the frost has turned them black - so no fruit will develop from these flowers!