Saturday 22 April 2017

Herb Revival

We love culinary herbs and always make room for them, 

One of our home garden raised beds is devoted to Mediterranean herbs (Rosemary, Thyme, Sage) and Chives. 

and another for green herbs (Parsley and Coriander and Sorrel)

Both beds are in need of refreshment... and here are the troops to do it.

And that first mint is not the only one. This spring I potted up the remains of a single supermarket pot bought last autumn. These seven pots are ready for shipping out to friends and relatives. 

Here's the sage cuttings taken last autumn now potted up.

...and rosemary

...and thyme.

I mentioned coriander above but there is none to photograph.  That's because it is the bane of my life. We eat coriander. Lots of it. Every year I try to grow it for leaf and every year it bolts.  Well this year I am dedicating a large container to it which I will keep moist and free from extreme temperatures.  I'm going to beat it this time!

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