Thursday, 13 April 2017

Moving Out Today

Peas, Broad Beans, Potatoes belong in the plot not at home. So today was moving out day: 

Here's some happy broad beans:

And here;s the state of play with the alliums: Elephant Garlic in the foreground

Finally here is the potato patch (in front of the fruit cage)

There's a real feeling that the season is underway at last.

Movin Out


  1. It's a great time of the year isn't it, knowing that you can actually get planting and the promise of summer xxx

  2. Elephant garlic is an excellent crop. Great to cook with, stores for months on end. We've gone to town with it this year, planted two rows of 12, one of bought-in seed garlic and one of cloves saves from last year.

    1. All our elephant garlic comes from a single clove. It cost a pound in, I think, 2011. Despite growing lots it is all gone by Christmas (except those already planted out for the following year)