Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Diggin Spuds

We operate a 5 year rotation* on our allotment. There are five zones which are prepared each year according to the next year's crop.  In addition there is a sixth  growing zone, the soft fruit area which is static and has a wooden framework to support netting in the summer. The internal path separates two zones to the East from the four to the West. The picture above is of the two zones to the East. In the distance is the soft fruit area. In the foreground is this year's potato zone - and it is fully planted up! This is making me feel really positive - because that means I can concentrate my efforts on the four remaining zones, And this is how they currently look - in need of attention. Our patch stops at the shed (or more precisely the path in from of it)

Here's a reverse view with the alliums in the foreground.  There are three rows of garlic and four of onion so far. You can just see the corner of the first carrot tent to the right

*The 5 year rotation is a progression from Potatoes to Legumes to Brassicas to Curcubits to Alliums and Other Roots.  This has been tinkered with a bit particularly to accommodate the use of weed suppressant fabric with all the advantages that brings.

Just now the potato zone is looking the best to me!


Trampled Underfoot


  1. From your title I thought that you were digging up potatoes already!!!

    1. I guess, not for the first time, I overstretched the pun. Sorry. Besides I don't know too many songs about 'planting' - although Robert Plant would make an excuse for any Led Zepplin tune. Trampled Underfoot maybe?