Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Snap Decision - New Weapon Deployed

With the forecast for frosty snap overnight it was time to deploy my new weapon in the greenhouse.  Since buying this bizarrely shaped heater and 4 gallons of paraffin in March the weather has been uncharacteristically benign in Edinburgh (no frost and also not much by way of rain). But we know there is always going to be a frost in April and even one in May so we were ready!

Paraffin Heater
 It's only a small greenhouse but I crammed everything I could in, Everything down to and including tomatoes:

Stage Right

Stage Left

It was a bit of a kerfuffle setting it up for the first time and I even managed to drop the wick into the paraffin reservoir while trying to adjust the setting of the flame in accord with the (impossible to follow) instructions.  Still I got it lit and it kept the temperature up.  Success!  I was even a bit gleeful that the outside temperature dropped to -2C in our garden.  The greenhouse minimum  temperature was +6.3C.

Now in keeping with tradition I need a name for the new toy piece of kit.  Any suggestions?

Light My Fire


  1. Lovely greenhouse, very pretty. The heater looks like something from out of space - a dalek perhaps! X

    1. Thanks Fran. I've got two 'real' daleks already - my compost bins!