Friday, 5 May 2017

Votive Offering - Delayed

 I made Hot Cross Buns today.  OK I know I am three weeks late, but I have a good reason- the oven was bust and took three weeks to get repaired (under guarantee). Of course by that time Easter had come and gone.  To make amends I bought some expensive hot cross buns on Good Friday from an artisan bakery at over £1 each.  Either by accident or design they had no fruit in them aside from some candied peel.  It didn't pass muster with family. So today I gave in to the request for "the real thing" and baked this batch.

I am happy to report that they passed the taste test.

The top picture also shows off our new kitchen table covering. Doesn't that hen look peckish?

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  1. Candied peel is the one thing that makes me dislike hot cross buns. Let's not get into the subject of bust ovens,