Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Swanning Around

There are some new kids on the block - well cygnets really:

This picture was taken today and the following was taken on Monday at the nest site at the end of the pond:

Other ponds in Edinburgh and the canal seem to accomodate lots of swans but our pond seems to support a single breeding pair each year. Later in the year the adults drive off the youngsters.  There is a lot of interest locally and someone has taken it upon themselves to post updates on the pond railings for the benefit of all.

It is always exciting to see how many will be in the brood and this year's count is 4. Dad has been very attentive in the run up to the hatching and subsequently

Hopefully there won't be a repeat of the calamitous events 3 years ago when the RSSPCA  had to step in to rescue the brood and their mother when the dad disappeared. Mr Fox has been cited but the case is not proven.

White Swan


  1. We have a lot of swans on the Somerset levels and dear me they are aggressive. Some of the more stupid, of a very stupid breed, have nested by the road and try to attack everyone who walks past. Given that these are the same birds who have nested here for years you would think, for the sake of their own blood pressure, if no one else's that they would have learned to nest a little bit further away from the road. Sadly not. As most of the passing trade is tractors I feel that hey will lose their argument the hard way. No loss there are plenty more of them , they have become a menace.

  2. Yup we have some daft swans on the canal towpath who behave the same.