Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Situation Contained

I'm trying a couple of edibles in containers at home this year and they are taking off:  

Potatoes and Spinach
There are three Winston in the potato planter.  The supermarket caddy has holes drilled in the bottom and the spinach seems very happy with it.  Today I will be picking every second spinach plant for the pot and hoping the rest will resist the temptation to bolt.  A second supermarket caddy has been deployed as my coriander patch.  I am determined to figure out how to grow coriander for leaf, and this is my best attempt at controlling the growing conditions.  Moisture, fertility, and no extreme temperatures.  Because it is portable I hope to be able to get a handle on it (apologies).

Handle with Care

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  1. We need to move our potato planters from the greenhouse and handles would be useful.