Sunday, 12 November 2017

Gardening On A Windowsill

We have had three sub zero nights here in Edinburgh, so the outdoor gardening is severely curtailed. 

Time to retreat to the kitchen (windowsill).

I bought this kit early in the year in a fit of  online gardening enthusiasm but haven't deployed it until now.

It is simply a water tray with a drainage tray propped on top of it.  The growing medium (a sheet of kitchen towel) you supply yourself!

Once the tray is filled with water and the paper wetted you sprinkle the supplied "microgreen seeds" on top and, using a water spray, keep them moist for two weeks....

The microgreen seeds I have selected are coriander and basil.  Perhaps unsurprisingly they appear the same as my other coriander and basil seeds.  There is a little voice at the back of my head that says. "Ah but these have been specially selected for microgreen growing and have no fungicide or insecticide treatment that garden seed might have been treated with" but I really do wonder if they are any different.

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  1. Look forward to seeing what happens. It would be interesting to find out whether the seeds are different.