Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Pumpkin Parade - Rampant Rhubarb

The Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh have gone pumpkin mad! They have planted too many cucurbits by half.  Above is the view in one direction, below the other.

This bed which has about 10 different varieties supplements a host of other mixed beds in their "Edible Garden Project" in the demonstration gardens.   I reckon they've overdone things and I am also gratified to find that if anything I am ahead of the curve with my own cucurbit patch where the Kabotchas and Sharks Fin Melon are already needing to be hacked back before they succeed in their bit to take over the entire plot.

And here are two beds of rhubarb to be found at Kellie Castle in Fife .

Each row is a different variety.  My mission was to track down the infamous green variety Linneas, which I did. It was a bit of a disappointment as by this time of year there is a slight reddening of stalks. But I have found a new green champions in "Early Champagne" and "Fife Green Jam"


Early Champagne - right label?

The Holy Grail of Green Rhubarb?

Kellie Castle Gardens in the Rain


  1. What's the attraction of green rhubarb? We have the world's second largest collection of rhubarb varieities fairly close by to us so I'll look out for a green variety next visit. I think the largest collection is in Belgium!

  2. Must admit, I'm a bit of a contrarian Sue.

  3. While it might be possible to have too many pumpkins, there is no such thing as too much rhubarb. I'm going to Google the largest collection of rhubarb now. I'm with Sue on green rhubarb. Surely one of the joys of rhubarb is the pretty pink colour?

  4. Thanks for your comment Sarah. I would never be without rhubarb but must add that from my experience a glut is a surefire way of guaranteeing children go off foods.