Sunday, 6 August 2017

Mid Season Update

Owing to the return of the rain I am indoors this afternoon.  Here's this morning's haul, featuring the first runner beans:

I have already collected in the garlic (giant and normal) which is drying off under cover. It had started to go yellow and was exhibiting signs of rust which I didn't want to spread to the onions next door or the leeks beyond.  So in the picture below only the onions remain - next to the carrot nets.

The Jerusalem artichokes are putting on a massive display at the end!  Also shooting up are the sweetcorn:

From one end to the other things are pretty green.

Brassica Patch beyond Beans

Runner Beans in production mode.
I did also pick rhubarb and broad beans today but they were too bulky to balance on the harvest table and too commonplace to be noteworthy.  An embarrassment of riches (along with the potatoes and courgettes)!

Too Much?


  1. Everything is noteworthy. No rain here today just more windy weather.

  2. Your carrots look good Mal. Don't think we have any worth pulling just yet.