Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Home Improvements

The elephant garlic has dried up enough to plait the "keepers".  I am happy to report an improvement on my usual laughable attempts to do so.  This is courtesy of an internet search for instructions. (How did we manage without it?)

My ordinary garlic got the same treatment.  From the picture you would think they were  the same size!  A side by side shot reveals all:

Only the best bulbs are plaited for storage. There are plenty not so perfect bulbs to keep us going for a month or two.

Soon it will be the onions turn.  It is looking like a large crop.  Fortunately they are much easier  to string, because unlike the plaited garlic they are hanging off a string!  


  1. Our onions are drying in the rain now.

    1. That rain will be bulking up your spuds! Curious because we have had no rain in the last 48 hrs.