Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Lights Camera Action - But Not Much Heat

After my last post I hadn't anticipated having anything to report for a while but already there are signs that the leeks cabbage and cauliflower have germinated. I was ready for them as I placed the lighting strip over the propagator from the outset.

Here's a closer view of the corner where the action is:

and an even closer shot of the leeks:

That only leaves nine more pots to watch over.

I am relieved that my light from last year is still working. I don't have a spare bulb and wouldn't trust buying one over the internet/in the post (although that's how the first one arrived as part of the set up). I have yet to find a local stockist.

My old heated propagator has been rather underwhelming having achieved an all time high temperature of 16.6C. It tends to sit at about 10C (It is located in a former coal cellar under an external stone staircase and possibly the heat could be coming from the neighbouring refrigerator!) The brassicas seem to appreciate that the above 8 degrees threshold has been achieved but it is not surprising that the tomatoes haven't decided to germinate just yet! It might be time to buy a new heated propagator specifically  for heat loving plants although this one clearly has its use.

Lighting Up


  1. I guess we should test our lights!

  2. Blimy I wasn't planning to sow my tomato seeds until the beginning of April.