Friday, 31 March 2017

A Grand Day Out - Of The Greenhouse

Temperatures in Edinbugh have improved recently, just in time for the newly emerging broad beans

Broad Beans
but also for the rest of the crew

A  Day Out  (of the greenhouse)

The early sown leeks need to be weened off the heat ready for the rugged outdoors:


and even some of the big softees are getting an airing

Transplanted Sungold and "Green" Cherry Tomatoes

San Marzano still lagging behind

I'm also looking to save a fortune on bedding plants this year.  Here's a tray of transplanted lobelias.

Lobelia Crystal Palace - and cabbage muscling into the frame!
Of course all is well and good until the next cold snap when I will be scurrying around  to find frost free room for all these transplants!!!

A Grand Day Out


  1. Plenty of slug fodder there. I hope that you manage to keep them safe.

  2. God......I am so afr behind...better get something sown this week!!

  3. Wow!! I'd better start thinking about sowing tomato seeds. I'm trying my leeks straight into modules this year. The 40 cells to a seed tray type. You'll no doubt find out if it works better than my previous method which looks very similar to yours.