Monday, 20 March 2017

The State of Play - Stealing a March

Looking at the labels I see that it already over 4 weeks since I made my first sowings.

Of the 12 pots all but one are showing some germination (even the leftover dried supermarket chilli seed has produced a seedling)

The one failure was some several years out of date onion seed

Look Lobelia!!! Who says only grow veg?
My challenge now is to wean these seedlings off the heat and light of the propagator!

I have started outdoor sowings with a raised bed of alliums at home. In addition - as I have so many seed potatoes I have planted out a short row of (reputedly frost tolerant) Epicure at the plot ( 17/3/17).

Today I'm going to do a greenhouse sowing of peas, leeks and lettuces  to add to the broad beans already sown but not yet emerged. It won't be long before the greenhouse is bursting at the seams.  But it also won't belong before outdoor sowings commence in earnest. Come April it's a free for all.

Get Ready


  1. Like you haven't planted anything in the allotment but our broad beans, leeks, onions and shallots are looking good in the greenhouse. Like you I'm planning to go mad in April - bet the weather turns colder by then though.

  2. I am hoping to get some sowing done this weekend. I don't have any greenhouse heat so don't like to start too early!#

  3. We are growing some potatoes in pots for the first time in ages to try and get some earlier pickings.