Monday, 30 January 2017

To Start at the Start

The gardening year should be digging in manure  in the Autumn.

First Cut

Here's me starting last week!

A bit of a trough
In fact the plot looks rather scruffy - but at least this is the beginning of this year

The Task at Hand
 and the end of last year's production:

End of Last Year's Brassicas
Some things are still in full production:

Swedes Holding Out

 Others are dormant:

Soft Fruit Cage
And others are lying fallow

This Year's Potato Patch (Last Year's Alliums)

The View from the End (Last Year's Curcubits and Sweetcorn)

I add manure to the "Other"  (Leaf and Legumes) and Brassica patches only, and plenty of it. The Weed Suppressant Fabric over last years alliums will be the new cover for the Brassicas and will be in place for three seasons (Brassicas/ Curcubits/ Alliums) so the fertility has to last!

The First Cut

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  1. We have a fair bit of work to do on our plot too, weather permitting which it hasn't been .