Wednesday, 4 January 2017

January Icicles

Something new this January. Not the January King or the Swede but the Daikon Radish/Mooli variety Icicles.  I've never grown these before (although I have bought and eaten them). So I gave them a punt and sowed them in the brassica patch late last summer. Today, to celebrate my first allotment visit of the year I dug up the first  to see what had grown underground and was well pleased with the result,

OK I understand they are just long radishes -  that quick growing fill in hardly given a thought by most gardeners - but these radishes have volume.  Also given the pathetic results for my French Breakfast Radishes earlier in the growing year I am decidedly more impressed by well grown radishes than I was previously!

Another root untouched until the new year is Jerusalem Artichoke.  Last year they were all knobbly so my expectations were not high.  These come from two plants only weighing in at about 2lbs per plant (1lb after trimming and peeling) and are fabulously not knobbly.  Converted to soup already they are a seasonal delight.

After all that I forgot to dig up any parsnips so I will be going back to the plot tomorrow.  

Other tasks to be undertaken provided there are no real icicles:

Pick Brussels 
Cut back autumn fruiting raspberry canes.
Prune Gooseberries, Currants and Blueberry bushes
Dig up last carrots 
Transplant rhubarb from one end of plot to the other.
Transport compost from home - ready for the potato planting in spring.

All in all it is a hectic time of year when the weather permits.


  1. We have never grown mooli and do have disappointments with radishes recently.

  2. I am encouraged to hear I am not the only one with radish disappointment!