Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Out of Time?

Yesterday I visited the plot and planted some garlic:

The garlic arrived too for autumn sowing and too early for spring sowing.  My reasoning for planting it now was a. I was going to the plot (to drop off compost pick parsnips) b. there would be a real danger that these would end up in the cooking. These, by the way, are bulbs grown in Northumbria for a couple of generations. c. Once delayed things have a habit of being forgotten. Carpe Diem!

Some sources suggest that a cold spell is required in order remind the seed cloves of garlic that they have to split into multiple cloves. My elephant garlic has come up more like onions in shape rather than garlic. On the other hand there are several varieties of garlic described as suitable for spring sowing. I don't know if this is one of those so in the face of uncertainty the best policy is to blunder on - and keep a record of what you have done. We are due a cold snap very soon according to the forecaster.  I could be luck or I could be Out of Time


  1. After a couple of years of pathetic sized bulbs we have given up on garlic.

  2. Aside from Elephant Garlic this has been my experience too. What is different about the variety I am trying out now is that they have a *northern UK pedigree. I'm hoping they will thrive. Will let you know in due course!

    *It is no coincidence thst the hugely successful garlic farm is down south on the Isle of Wight

  3. Nice to see someone else making use of weed control fabric.

  4. I'm hoping the garlic will appreciate it!