Thursday, 19 January 2017

Tapping The Roots

Today I dug up the last of the carrots:

Another crop that was problematic in 2016.  These were from the late second sowing and not much of the crop made it to a size worth picking.  Hoping for better results this year with all new seed sown not too early or too late. Hmmm that makes it late April by my reckoning. (and perhaps a second sowing in early June to be on the safe side)

The roots and brassicas are ruling the roost just now with Jerusalem Artechoke and Parsnip in full flow too. Cabbages and Kale still cropping.  Given that they are both root and brassicas the Swede and Daikon Radish are also plentiful!

Rootin Tootin

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  1. Then there is the hope that the slugs leave the seedlings alone. That's our main problem with carrots/