Saturday, 16 March 2013

Stealing a March

It's snowing again outdoors, but indoors something is stirring:

Broad Bean

The broad beans have not had any "extra" heat although they have appreciated indoor temperatures.  Now that they are coming through they will be turfed outdoors to get as much daylight as they can.

The other new starts are a bit more thermosensitive and need a bit of encouragement from this:

The Germinator
Lifting the lid:

Tomatoes, Celeriac, Parsley, Basil  -  Onions
Everything has come through, except for the parsley, a notorious slow germinator.


  1. My parsley seeds are also pouting. Not expecting much at this point, but i would like to be pleasantly surprised.

    Broad beans... i'm thinking i need to try these next year. You guys across the pond really seem to enjoy them. I admit, i have never tried them, are they anything like limas?

    1. Not really like Lima (or Haricot), it's a relative of the field bean. You might come across them as Fava Beans(?)

  2. Parsley does make you wait doesn't it?

    1. They say they travel to hell and back nine times before germinating!