Sunday, 17 March 2013

A Rude Awakening - 17 Inspections this Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today the temperature improved and there was a prolonged sunny spell so I ventured to the plot.

The garlic is still there and thriving...

 ...and the rhubarb is showing signs of activity
But the biggest surprise was to discover that I have already been inspected once and can expect 16 more this year.

Site Noticeboard Notice

This might be laughable if it wasn't for the adoption of a two warnings and you are out policy.

Why the need for this aggression from our landlord? The Council have raised annual rent every year by well above the rate of inflation (to £90 this year and £100 next year). Not content with squeezing a profit from one of the traditionally poorest sectors of society they now want the right to turf people off even when they are not in arrears on their rent. The world (or the part of it governed by Edinburgh Council) has gone mad!  Sadly our allotment society has not stood up for its members but instead been a guiding light in pursuing this policy of attacking its own fee paying members.

Last observation:  What is the "this" in "This will only be possible if photographs are taken when a plot holder has been issued with a second letter " in the last sentence?  Looks like a sensitive paragraph has been excised from this document.  Looks like there is rough weather ahead in 2013!


  1. This is incredible - haven't they anything better to do? Talk about big brother. Weekly or fortnightly - what happens if you go on holiday or are ill?

  2. that is absolutely ridiculous.

  3. Challenge them. At a time of stringent budget cuts they should have better things to spend their money on. This is classic bullying by a jack-in-office; challenge them hard, and get others to do the same, and they'll back off. Try using the words "unreasonable", "not legally sound", "not in contract", "unlikley to hold up in law" and watch them start getting scared.

    1. Hi Woody - I did try:

      Given that they can now claim the backing of the local allotment association (FEDAGA) and the Scottish Allotment Gardening Society(SAGS) they don't seem very scared. More's the pity for the 1,300 plus allotment holders in Edinburgh!

    2. Along with the high charges for rent, this is totally out of hand.

  4. We saw this on our site notice board on Sunday and boggled. 2 inspections in July? What if you take just over a fortnight's holiday - which I do sometimes - at the time of year when weeds take over if you so much as glance away for a minute? Would you have to show your travel tickets as proof?