Saturday, 16 March 2013

'Snow Joke

Edinburgh's been pretty cold of late.  Here's how the nursery beds looked last week

A bit of a nasty surprise for the daffs.

Since buying in my seed potato a couple of weeks ago the temperatures have plummeted. Today, Saturday, it's raining rather than snowing. Bad weekend weather means no plot visits, but I have stolen a march with some indoor sowings on the limited windowsill space we have. Will post about that next.


  1. We've had plenty of snow here too, possibly more on the way for Tuesday. I'm hoping for rain that will wash the remaining snow away. Some peoples' daffs are starting to appear, i don't have any, but some of my neighbours do.

    By the way, i despise trying to decipher Captcha after i've had a tipple. lol

  2. Thankfully we only had a bit of snow which only lasted a couple of days. Makes a change for us in the Highlands to be having better weather than the rest of the uk.
    My Daffs have come up in the garden too so I'm hoping we don't get a freeze enough to kill them.
    Hope you're able to get to your allotment again soon.