Thursday, 1 April 2021

Cold Night - Hot Cross Buns


After a settled period of above zero temperatures the overnight frost has returned.  Currently it is -2C outside and a snug +2 in my greenhouse.  I had the foresight to deploy the paraffin heater last night and am feeling rather smug about it.  
The other thing I did last night was to bake the annual batch of hot cross buns.  Just what you need on a cold Good Friday morning. The other Good Friday tradition of planting potatoes could be delayed this year.  The seed potatoes would be happy enough six inches under but why push it when I have other things to do.  (At the school the nursery class have planted a row of earlies this week already!)


  1. Mmm, lovely hot cross buns and a great song! Brrr, you’ve got the chill before us, we’re expecting it before the long weekend is over though 🥶

  2. No potato planting here either other than in tubs