Friday, 9 February 2018

Catch Us If You Can

We have a colony of house sparrows who hang out in our garden hedge, particularly on sunny afternoons.

There are over a dozen of them but it is difficult to capture them on "film". So when they ventured up to the highest branches it was my chance.

I wasn't the only one to notice.  The sparrows disappeared in a trice when this chap showed up.

Postscript. The sparrowhawk turned up again the next day when I was out in the garden and dive bombed me on his way out.  I couldn't believe he would attack me but still found myself flapping my arms just to be on the safe side.  A fearsome sight.


  1. We once had a sparrowhawk heading straight towards up when we were on the plot. We looked hom straight in those piercing eyes. His target was a starling sitting on a post almost behind us. They are surprisingly agile birds.

  2. We have a flock of sparrows who enjoy an afternoon basking in our garden hedge. They are difficult to spot but very noisy.