Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Blood On The Snowdrops

Recently I have been taking a couple of trays of onions outside daily to catch some sun.  I sowed them in January and now they are clogging up the propagator/sunbed.  I plan to move them to the (unheated) greenhouse as soon as practically possible, but I don't want to shock them so things are in abeyance.  Today has been a no go day as although the sun has appeared for brief intervals snow showers have followed in short order. So I am inside wondering why all the birds have gone quiet when I catch sight of this.

The dreaded sparrowhawk has returned and downed a pigeon.  I guess they are hungry in winter too.  (If it had been a sparrow I would have been more upset.)

Here is a suitable song for the conditions:

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  1. It’s hard isn’t it? We know that birds of prey need to eat but prefer not to witness the event.