Saturday, 11 October 2014

Twisting My Melons

It's harvest time and pride of place this year has to go to the Shark's Fin Melons (Fig Leaf Gourd).
6 of the best
Each fruit weighs about 7 Kg so I can only harvest two at a time because  that is my carrying capacity!  From 3 plants I have a dozen fruit at the allotment.  The two plants I had over I planted out at home - I just can't bring myself to "waste" healthy plants.  The ones at home were much later (perhaps because I removed the male flowers - see my earlier post) and the fruit  are probably 4-5 Kg each.  A bit more manageable.

A nice pair grown at home
Now the task is to decide how to use them.  So far I've only made the Mexican drink, Chilacayote.  Now I will have to try (mock) Shark's Fin Soup from the Far East and Angel Hair Jam from the Iberian Peninsular.  And the good news is that, while whole, these babies keep for two years or more. In the meantime I'll keep you posted.

p.s.  Yes, I have been offering fruit to all and sundry, although they have to be delivered in person.


  1. Shame about the delivery in person bit Mal. I have never grown them but would love to try it. Let me know what your soup is like...maybe I will try growing some next year...after all it can't be any worse than the celeriac!! lol

  2. Do you fancy a weekend in Yorkshire?

  3. So these melons can't be eaten raw then, as in "melon with Parma ham", etc? I hope the mock Shark's Fin soup is more appetising than the real one which I have never tried, but looks disgusting!