Monday, 20 October 2014

Edinburgh Allotment Rents II

We made the local rag today:

Newspaper Article

That's me top left brandishing a turnip!

If you feel inclined to sign the on line petition please do so:


Last time I was in the paper in 2012 it was to protest about an agreement between the Council and FEDAGA for rent rises from £30 to £100.   Now that the Council has pushed on for rent rises to £300 FEDAGA have swung around to my point of view. Small comfort.


  1. I've signed Mal and shared on Google+ Twitter and Facebook. I'll put a link on my blog too

    1. Thanks Sue. Appreciated.

      I'll have to have another go at reactivating and using my Twitter account.

  2. Not being an allotmenteer myself, I don't think I am going to enter the fray, but you do have my sympathy! Putting anything up by that amount is scandalously unfair.

  3. Your comment is appreciated, Mark.