Sunday, 1 June 2014

From Gardening Blog to Bog Blog

I've not been blogging much lately, and the reason is that the house is in turmoil as we are getting our bathroom changed.  Currently it looks like this:

 Whereas the same view used to look like:

The reverse view is not a pretty sight either!

I am not doing the work, although I am buying all the parts for our trusty builder. There is dust everywhere.

I have been gardening too, but not well enough organised to remember the camera.  Today I planted out the courgettes, squash and sweetcorn through weed suppressant fabric - which now seems like the best idea I've had this year!.


  1. Why is it that work on such a small room creates chaos everywhere?

  2. I call it the Chinese puzzle syndrome. Once one square is out of action it blocks up the rest.

    The Welsh call it the "ty bach" the small house/room

  3. At least you've a couple of taps to use. Brings back memories.