Sunday, 22 June 2014

Brassica Action Day and First Fruit

Today I planted out my brassicas. Due to the weed suppressant fabric the ground was clean of weeds so I was able to get started straight away, needing only a knife and a dibber to cut a slit in the plastic and plant the seedlings.

The ground was moist despite the dry week, although I did water them in, cover with a net and apply slug control.

Once they are sitting up I will deploy the brassica collars to fend off the cabbage root fly.

We also picked our first strawberries (Marshmello) today:

Some redcurrants and raspberries were ready too!

These pictures are to prove to Cathy in Grenoble that we are only 4 weeks behind here in Edinburgh!

And just in case you were wondering how our bathroom ended up, here are the after pictures:

We are very pleased and very clean!


  1. Won't the weed control fabric double as cabbage root fly collars?

  2. The redcurrants and raspberries look fab! The fabric really looks the job for your brassicas.

  3. Love your allotment! Are. You baking much at the moment? What's your inspiration? I am reading James Morton's Brilliant Bread and have tried a couple of his breads this weekend. Marmite bread is wonderful but I also tried a white dough enhanced with a stale piece of old bread (soaked overnight in the fridge) this worked really well and a good way to ensure that last piece of sourdough does not go to waste.

  4. Love the bathroom.....Your tiles are very similar to mine!!

    I really think I need to go weed control fabric...usually I enjoy weeding but this year it's getting a little ahead of me. I am yet to plant brassicas....I would say hopefully this weekend but when I set dates for things recently I just jinx myself into not being able to do it...lets just say I will possibly plant some this season and they will taste great!!