Sunday, 18 May 2014


Rievaulx Abbey Ruins
On Saturday we had a rendezvous in Thirsk and managed a sojourn into the Yorkshire Moors and stopping off at this  pastoral spot.

Back home today I used the weed suppressant fabric offcut from the brassica patch to carpet our "Exotics".  Sounds better than curcubits and besides we can't move the blueberries as they sit atop a buried liner that helps create that acidic bog effect. This is where the courgettes gherkins and Sharks Fin Soup Melon  (also called Fig Leaf Gourd) are going to go this year.

At home the beanage is coming on nicely:

Next weekend looks like a frantic planting weekend.

Back to Rievaulx Village for a final picture which would be any estate agents dream:


  1. A In Yorkshire and you never popped in for a coffee!

  2. That would have been nice. Despite the pastoral scene it was all a bit of rush. I can assure you it was warmer in Yorkshire than Edinburgh!

  3. You picked a great day for a visit the North Yorkshire Moors.