Sunday, 20 October 2013

Lyonnais Pea Tree?

Been for a visit to Lyon. Came across an interesting tree in Parc Tete D'Or

Peas in a Pod?

Mimosa Albizia Julibrissin - Persian Silk Tree
A fantastic public park with Botanic Gardens

Banana seed pod

Mexican Garden

Flower Garden - lots of Dahlias

and a Zoo

Bat Eared Foxes

New arrival out for a gambol
And here are some other snaps of the sights of Lyon:

Goodbye Lyon


  1. Are the roads through Lyon as busy. It used to take an age to get through when we were travelling from the south but then they built a bypass. We've been through lots of times but never actually stopped.

  2. Lyon appears to have gone to some lengths to address transport issues. Aside from the autoroute which, as you say, bypasses the town centre, they have a Metro, trams, buses and a bicycle pick up/drop off scheme - in addition to extensive bicycle lanes. We also saw banks of electric cars charging. No wonder Edinburgh sent a consultative group there to compare notes. (Still Edinburgh have made a right royal mess of financing the soon to be launched airport tram development)

  3. I love Lyon! I lived a bit south of there in the Rhone valley for a year, teaching English in a school as part of my French degree. I used to go up to Lyon every week to the British Council library. Was back a few years ago at a conference and was very impressed by how their public transport had come on.