Saturday, 5 October 2013

Breadmaker Bread

Here's today's breadmaker bread

and here's the previous batch:

Breadmakers have been getting a bad press courtesy of a certain Mr Cameron. I am a breadmaker fan.  (I've worn two out) but I never BAKE bread in my breadmaker.  In 90 minutes it will have reliably mixed kneaded and proved whatever dough I choose to put in it.  Sometimes I leave it to sit for an extra 30 mins or an hour, sometimes I get the machine to knock down the risen dough in a brief second knead, before swithing off the machine mid cycle. Always I remove the proved dough, shape it, on a baking sheet, baguette tray or in a tin and, after a further rise, bake it in the kitchen oven.  Not as convenient as Mr C's "load at night ready when you wake up" loaf but a whole lot better tailored to our tastes. (Also no trouble removing that paddle from the bottom of the loaf.

What was hilarious was to hear Dan Lepard, venerated author of "The Handmade Loaf" being lectured by some woman on the radio who was blinded by the therapeutic benefits of getting your hands in the dough and hanging around for hours on end.  What if you work all day at something else, commute and consequently have restricted time? What if you have arthritis (as Dan asked), or exzema or some other skin condition?  And what if , as I frequently find, your hands are grimy after a weeding session???  Bread machines are a boon, make no mistake!


  1. Why the chuff have I never thought to do this? Maybe I feel that having let the machine do all the hard work it'd be churlish of me to bang the thing in the oven and take the credit?! I'm gonna have a bash at a "hybrid" loaf tomorrow. Cheers for this very sensible post.

  2. I share your views. We often do as you have described. I also note that you appear to like your bread "well done", which is also the way we like ours. Bread needs to have a crispy brown crust!

  3. Apparently kneading dough is a good way of cleaning your hands - Yuk!

  4. Be lost without our bread making machine. It's our most used kitchen gadget.

  5. I really should buy one of these...but honestly hadn't caught the stories about not using them. Shouldn't it just be left up to the individual as to what they want to do. So many busy bodies making decisions for us these days!!