Monday, 12 August 2013

Traffic Light Gardening



The red onions were from sets last autumn. I've now gathered all the autumn planted alliums and I'm in the process of plaiting/stringing them up after drying them off.  The tomatoes are Sungold and are naturally orange rather then red but still have a superb sweet yet sharp cherry tomato flavour.  Last year I grew four varieties of tomato in a "challenging" year. The sungold came out the best and this year I have room for six plants - all Sungold! The real surprise has been the cucumber which was leftover seed from a failed attempt to grow them last year.  Here's the set up, below, as you see completely outdoors. You could knock me down with a feather when I spotted the fruit. They get the green light!

Cucumbers Three


  1. Hi Mal, I have just been catching up with your recent posts. Seems like your having a good year this year. I have had a great year for my soft fruits and although I love them I do not like preparing the currants!!

    Glad your sweetcorn is doing well, mine seems to have shot up over the last few weeks and I am hoping for a good harvest. I am very jealous of your tomatoes. None of mine have started to turn yet but hopefully it won't be too long. I am equally jealous of your cucumbers as I am still waiting for mine after I forgot to water the first batch that were just about ready to be planted out so had to start again...hopefully I won't be waiting too much longer now though!!

  2. We've found that the red onions perform less well than the yellow ones on our plot. Not sure why as they used to be just fine.

  3. Think we'll have to move north. Still no sign of a ripe tomato!