Saturday, 3 August 2013

Rain - Too Much of a Good Thing?

Right now the Seakale Beet (or Swiss Chard) is growing like Billy-O in response to all the rain we've been having:

It's a great vegetable that you can't buy in the supermarkets, and it wilts very quickly so the green grocers aren't to keen on it either.

After eating all we can I separate the stalks from the leaf of the remainder before refrigeration:

I can't get enough of this veg  (Perhaps this will be the year that I do!)


  1. I love this versatile vegetable too, but unfortunately my wife doesn't, so I seldom grow it. I particularly like to eat the stalks cooked in a cheesy white sauce.

  2. I'm with Mark's wife - I don't really like chard. It tastes very 'earthy' to me but it looks great. We have grown it in the past and used very young leaves in salads

  3. OK If you're not keen on Chard, do you like spinach, or is that in the same boat?

    Mark, the stalks braised with a knob of butter are irresistible! Otherwise I add them to stews.

    It's a difficult veg for cooks because it is two veg in one, each having different cooking requirements. But I love both parts. Sue, do you press all the water you can out of your leaf? This turns it from earthy to buttery (but without the need to add any butter). All personal tastes equally valid.

    1. I don't like spinach either but no I haven't pressed the leaves and have none to try it on!